Paul has worked with a variety of video equipment over the years as a camera operator including Sony, Canon and Blackmagic cameras. He now primarily films on his Sony FS7 and A7S Mark II, though he can be hired to operate any kit to suit filming requirements.

Paul uses Sony E-Mount Lenses (28-135mm and the 16-35mm F2.8 Master Lens) to capture crisp, professional images. He also has a range of high quality grip (Sachtler tripod, Manfrotto monopod and a Shark slider) and adjustable LED lighting panels to create interesting and dynamic shots.

To ensure broadcast quality sound, Paul utilises a range of tools including Sennheiser radio mics, an Audio Technica camera-top shotgun mic and H6 Zoom recorder.

Please contact Paul who will happily discuss the filming and kit requirements for your project.